• Made in Turkey

Prefabricated stack base machine

Prefabricated stack base machine produces manhole floor and parcel floor products.


  • Our molds are produced in required diameters and features in accordance with the demands of our customers.
  • In our machine, liquid oil vibrator system is used. Thus it is aimed to get the highest efficiency from our machine. Bearings that are resistant to high revolving speed and high temperature are used in vibrators.
  • Vibrator Speed can be set.
  • Inner molds that we use in our machines are produced from steel. (They are not fiber) Thus they are more durable and long-lasting.
  • It can do integrated production or normal production thanks to the system that we apply to outdoor molds.
  • Thanks to the action that applied to in and out, it can create the concrete shear wall.
  • The locking system on the inlet and outlet is locked swiftly and stay closed during the vibration.
  • There is a connectors beside on external molds. Thus it is possible to make changes in the centers of the inlet and outlet.
  • The control panel of our machine is designed with the intent of ease the use for the operator. All of the materials used in the panel are made by SCHNEIDER (German).