Let‘s talk about the prices of concrete pipe machines and costs of concrete pipe factories.

Prices of concrete pipe machines may vary depending on production performance, daily concrete pipe capacity and other optional features of the machine.

When comparing the prices of concrete pipe machines, you should first determine the nominal diameter and lengths of concrete pipes and the expected daily production capacity.

Manufacturing machines that allow producing concrete pipes with a diameter ranging from 150 mm to 3600 mm, our company also enables producing concrete pipes with/without spigots, tongue-and-groove concrete pipe, jacking concrete pipes, concrete pipes with integrated seal and concrete pipes with sealing ring with the same machine. You can produce all products with a single machine simply by changing dies.

Depending on the type of machine, it also gives you the opportunity to produce concrete manhole elements, conical elements and box culverts.

Another factor that affects the price of concrete pipe machines is the generation of machine.4.Generation concrete pipe machines both have a stronger body structure and a faster production cycle with more stable operation performance.

Another factor that affects the prices of machines is the automation system. Fully automatic and semi-automatic concrete pipe machine systems are available.

A set consisting of Concrete Pipe machine, Mixer and conveyor belt is the most cost-effective production opportunity for concrete pipes. As this system is mainly based on manpower, performance and daily production capacity will depend on the operator’s working speed.

Price (Cost) of Concrete Pipe Factory

The most important factor affecting the cost of the concrete pipe factory is the cost of the machine depending on the size of concrete pipe you would like to produce.  However, what will be your choice: an operator-controlled (semi-automatic) or fully automatic (PLC) machine?

The number of concrete pipe pallets and concrete pipe dies you will purchase will directly affect the cost of the concrete pipe factory. When setting up a concrete pipe factory, our sales team in Ibar Makine is always ready to help and guide you in purchasing the right machine.